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Strong Family- an Essential Support for Healthy Development of Children and YouthA relevant factor in preventing criminal activity

The event can be watched here:


Dr. Maria RIEHL, Director WFWP UN VIENNA Office, opened the Side-Event expressing her appreciation for everyone for taking the time to participate. Being a multiple grandmother herself she emphasised the value of a warm family atmosphere, embracing three generations and the important role everyone has in this context! Three generations together provide a high stability and a solid background and contribute to the physical and mental health of everyone, children, parents and also the grandparents!


Ms. Atty. Daryll Generyn MIGANO, Attache’ of the Permanent Mission of the Philippines, expanded on the crucial role a family plays in society, as it is the first place of socialisation, learning basic values and capabilities that enables a human being to lead a responsible, fruitful life. This is why it is the responsibility of a country to protect families and offer support in times of need. This is manifested in the constitution of the Philippines.


Mr. Patrick ERLANDSON, Founder “FATHER-CON” expanded on the link between the

absence (or misconduct ) of fathers and exploitation. Patrick first came across Human Trafficking while at UNHCR in LA, where he learned about Organ Trafficking of African refugees. He examined the causes, focusing on two areas: cultural forces normalising exploitative behaviour, and the role of fathers. Through listening to stories of survivors, he observed a link between fathers and exploitation. Being a father himself he studied  about the role of fathers in child development and family stability. Fathers engaging with children supports academic achievements and creates empathy and a sense of security. Patrick founded Father-Con in 2018 to address the link between fathers and human trafficking and encourage men in their role as fathers to reverse the trend. 




Veronika LIPPERT, Chairperson of Elternwerkstatt (Parentsworkshop),

We dedicate ourselves particularly to parents’ education and advice. The focus is on non-violence and the honor and appreciation of every human being as a unique and unmistakable individual. Our guiding principle is: If we parents are fine – our children are fine! We focus on non-judgmental communication and a respectful way of treating each other. Mrs. Lippert sees the value of offering support for parents, providing an understanding of child development and the training of communication skills as a means to reduce and prevent violence in families! “Elternwerkstatt” is supported by the government of Vienna. They make themselves known at schools or also go to public areas like playgrounds. “Elternwerkstatt” has trainers working in 11 different languages. 


Lillian NYANGASY, Lawyer & Youth Advocate is a seasoned lawyer and a founding

partner of Manasseh and Co. Advocates. She represents victims of human trafficking pro bono in immigration, criminal, and civil cases. She appears regularly before courts all over Kenya, offers legal consultancy, and legal aid to victims and survivors of crime and human trafficking.

Her rights-based approach focuses on returning decision-making power to survivors to enable them to rebuild their lives. She considers herself a bridge to justice, through which victims and survivors can access legal redress and bring their perpetrators to account

She is a founder member and a director of  Set Free to Thrive, Kenya. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to combating modern slavery and crime. Their activity embraces awareness raising about human trafficking, but also support especially for girls to continue education;  among other with sanitary packages. Lillian also expands on the importance of family and the community to instill the sense of values in children and help them to grow up to be adults with a sense of responsibility, also towards society.

In her LL.M Thesis she focused on human trafficking and crime as a threat not only to  victims, survivors, and their families but as well to international peace and security.



Dr. Wadih MAALOUF, UNODC-Family United- Universal Family Skills Programme

Wadih Maalouf holds a PhD in Epidemiology (Mental Health and Drugs) from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. He joined UNODC in 2006, first based in Cairo to support the health response to drugs in the Middle East and North Africa. In 2010 he joined UNODC Prevention Treatment and Rehabilitation Section at Vienna HQ mainly coordinating the family skills programming under the prevention portfolio (supporting the development, piloting and evaluating family skills packages globally). A contributor to the UNODC WHO International Standards on Drug Use Prevention, the INSPIRE Initiative to end violence against children and most recently participated in the WHO guidance development group leading to the development of the WHO Guidelines on parenting interventions to prevent maltreatment and enhance parent child relationships with children aged 0-17 years. Dr. Maalouf constantly  reminds stakeholders that investment in family relations/communication is by far the most effective prevention of misconduct of youth, leading to criminal behaviour of various kind. This way the “Strong Family”& “Family First” programs were developed. And more recently the Initiative “CH.AM.P.S”-  CHILD AMPLIFIED PREVENTION SERVICES has been developed, a program that addresses not only parents but also community and schools, to build a supportive and safe surrounding for children to grow up in, again based on the research, to invest in healthy child development is best preventing violence and crime in the future.

Dr. Maalouf also presented recent research showing the positive effect in cases where a child - parents relationship continues into adulthood!


Kyung In van de Ven Oliveira,  working herself as a legal guardian and child’s advocate of unaccompanied minor asylum seekers in the Netherlands, moderated the session in a professional way.

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