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GWPN Assembly

WFWP NE Continent October 7th 2016, Moscow ‘Moral and family education as foundation for the prosperity of the society and world peace’

Good afternoon Excellencies, distinguished guests, leaders of the Women’s Federation for World Peace, and dear friends! Thank you so much for having invited me to your beautiful country of Russia. SPASIBA!! I feel very honored to stand here in front of you as a representative of the WFWP of Austria. In my youth I read the books of Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky. The content truly moved my heart, revealing the deep and profound Russian soul to me. As a German citizen I utterly feel sorry for what my country did to yours during two World Wars! History has taught us that in their inmost hearts every human being longs for freedom, peace and happiness. Leo Tolstoy famously wrote that “the two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” Even though I cannot make-up for crimes that happened in the past, I am deeply convinced that lasting peace between all countries and prosperity of all peoples is not an impossible dream, but our ultimate destiny as a human family. Today I would like to contribute to this conference by raising the question: “What’s Wrong with Waiting? – How to Prepare for Lasting Happiness and a Fulfilled Marriage Life”

Who wants to be happy? Without doubt all of us are striving for happiness in our lives. We find happiness when we can love somebody who responds to our love. It is simply because love is an emotional attraction that causes two beings to unite and experience joy. True love is motivated by heart and promotes the happiness and well-being of the beloved. However, true love is something that also requires maturity. Any teenage girl or boy is looking for an ideal spouse. The girl is waiting for her prince who carries her on his arms, fulfilling any of her wishes. The young man is longing for his princess who will spoil him and make him feel like the greatest man in the world. These desires are only natural and I’m sure you were dreaming in such a way, too. Those of you who brought up children have gone through the challenge or even the nightmare to lead the youths safely through their years of adolescence. Having four children myself, I know about the difficulties young people have to face on their way to adulthood. It is not easy at all to understand the difference between real love and false love. Therefore, effective education programs are needed.

In Austria for example, the families of the WFWP offer retreats every year. The participants attend an exciting program with lectures, discussions and personal talks as well as sports, games, entertainment and camp fire. We use this occasion to teach the kids about the benefits of an altruistic lifestyle as we regard this ethical standard as the most important preparation for a lasting marriage and stable families.

Furthermore, we emphasize three rules: Don’t drink alcohol, refrain from drugs and refuse sexual relationships before or outside marriage. Once a young person understands the advantage of such a lifestyle of purity, he or she is also willing to accept these basic rules. Our youths really love to attend those retreats because of the friends they meet there. Cultivating friendships with those who believe in the same values is a powerful means in pursuing a mature character that embodies honesty, integrity, responsibility, self-discipline and other virtues.

When young persons learn to behave toward each other with respect, love and thoughtfulness they will experience that the joy given to others will return into their own hearts. Experience has clearly shown, that the earlier teenagers are involved in sexual activities, the more partners they will have, but less capacity to maintain a lasting relationship. So what’s wrong with waiting? Waiting with an intimate relationship is conducive to preparing for a much more satisfying and mature conjugal love for the rest of life.

I would like to recommend the purity ring ceremony to empower girls and boys to wait for the right time to appreciate the physical love between a man and a woman. The ring is given by the parents to their children. It symbolizes the promise young people give to themselves and to their future spouse to remain abstinent until they are ready for the commitment of marriage. Of course most importantly in education is the example the children see in their Mom and Dad and how these relate to each other. Even though sons or daughters might go astray, they will have a chance to return to their parents’ values as long as those keep true to virtues such as genuine love, fidelity, care, trust, fairness and dignity. They will realize that true love is worth waiting for.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you very much for your attention! BOLSCHOJAE SPASIBA!!

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