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„Women and youth working together in achieving a more resilient and sustainable future”


„Women and youth working together in achieving a more resilient and sustainable future”

October 25, 2023 – Online Event

In the wake of the experience of a row of Constructive Dialogues, organized by the UNODC (SE4U),  intensifying the exchange of Civil Society stakeholders with representatives of member states on specified topics (Human Trafficking, Smuggling of Migrants, Technical support on fighting International organized crimes) we as WFWP UN Vienna Office decided to provide a continuation of dialogue – ‘Meet and Greet’ -  involving other young people in different parts of the world and representatives of NGOs we had just encountered. The idea was to provide a platform for exchange, inspiration and possible cooperation (virtual).

Thanks to our dear colleague Merle SOQUILA - BLASCHKE, a Spanish - Filipino living in Carinthia, we brought together a great number of young people from the Philippines where there are very substantial projects with Permaculture, Moonlight Solar lamps (by 10K Heroes United). We had a young lady with Nepalese background, one who is born in Afghanistan (but lives in Austria since 20 years), a young mother from New Zealand working with WFWP, a young woman leader (Mothers’ Hearts Network) and a youth leader (YSP) in two different rural regions in the Philippines, one initiated cleaning the environment like beaches or streets as well as planting trees etc. and two men representing other NGOs. One is dealing with more smooth migration for the reason of work (Labor Mobility Partnership-LaMP), the other one with fighting Human Trafficking and care for survivors in Africa (Counter Human Trafficking  Trust-East-Africa-CHTEA). We had one young man living in Austria with Filipino roots who founded and received an award for the initiative “Soldiers with Heart”. This organization is involving young people within and outside the military helping needy children and families living in remote areas in mountainous regions, or are in need otherwise.

We had the great pleasure of having Ms. Daryll  Generyn MIGANO with us who is Attache at the Embassy & Permanent mission of the Philippines in Austria.   Dr. Maria Riehl and Ms. Merly Barlaan gave greetings from the WFWP UN Offices Vienna and New York respectively.


Time flew by as everyone was listening with high intensity to the inspiring inputs from all sides and although we had started late at 9 PM (Vienna), due to the different local situations, we finished late at 10:30 PM while in the Philippines it 3 – 4:30 AM!

We can say it has been a success and brought ideas which sparked inspiration, shed new light on some matters and might lead to even more exchange also in practical ways!

The ‘Meet & Greet’ ended with a youth group musical (10K Heroes United) contribution in a recorded video entitled “IMAGINE”

Everyone has agreed on the exchange of contact details.

Till next Episode of “Meet & Greet”

Report written by Renate Amesbauer & Merle Soquila - Blaschke


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