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Healing – a Cooperation of Spirituality, Psychology and Medicine

WFWP-Conference on the International Day of Women, March 8

This was the title of an afternoon Conference of WFWP Vienna, held as an alternative contribution to the International Day of Women on March 8th 2012. Women’s contributions to the healing of physical and mental sicknesses of people were highlighted through three ladies sharing their experiences in their fields of expertise:

The first speaker was Dr. Maria Riehl, who has been working as a General Practitioner for the last 35 years. She spoke about the “Possibilities and Limitations of Allopathic (conventional Western) Medicine”, emphasizing that one important aspect of the healing process is the relationship between the doctor and the patient. As a patient visits the same practitioner over years, the doctor’s role becomes that of a life advisor who assists the patient during the important phases of life, such as birth and preparing for physical death, leaving the earth.

Psychsomatic illnesses are increasing and they will surpass the heart-circulation illnesses in future. In this case it is important to cooperate with other disciplines. One important field of work of the practitioner is counseling pregnant women and young girls. In schools unfortunately they are only informed about the biological aspects of sexuality without moral education.

Dr. Anneliese Fuchs was the second speaker. She is a well-known psychotherapist who published many books on human psychology, character development and other topics related to psychology.

In 1980 she founded the “Institute for Preventive Psychology”. She has worked extensively with executives and managers of companies, assisting them with psychological support. At the same time she developed her spirituality by working with priests for 15 years.

In her speech she emphasized that humans have three phases in life when they are particularly open to spiritual influences:

  1. shortly after birth: babies have a strong connection to the spirit world.

  2. the time of puberty is the time in life where the most changes take place: the sexual drive develops and needs to be managed. At age 14-21 young people are very open, full of ideals, they want to fly to the stars and change everything for the better. Later, when they have families they settle down, but also become closed to spiritual changes.

  3. the third phase is the time of change to old age, the menopause. People become spiritually sensitive again.

Also, every crisis in life makes us more receptive to spiritual things.

Currently we are in a spiritual crisis and we need to be open to new developments.

While leading a working group for priests and psychotherapists she learned that we have to get rid of our stereotype images of God. On the contrary we should create conditions which enable us to experience God. In her meditation classes she often experienced that people who had no specific concept about God could have deep spiritual experiences more quickly than others with distinct concepts of God.

We also have to reflect about the attributes of God: is God masculine or feminine? The creator embodies the masculine aspects, like structure, expansion, laws, whereas the Holy Spirit embodies God’s feminine energy. Dr. Fuchs also has experiences with meditation on the Old and New Testament which gave her the insight that the biblical Jesus is very different form the concept of Jesus that is conveyed in the churches. Jesus used to confront people hard on various topics, breaking many taboos, and he used to share important things with women first.

Another topic which Dr. Fuchs addressed was angels: she experienced the existence and support of angels in various situations. Angels respect our free will, that’s why they have to be instructed and asked for help if we require it. If we are serious about it we can get more help from them than we would expect. They assist people who engage in spiritual healing, which she herself could experience as well.

Archangel Michael can help separating good from evil, archangel Gabriel can give inspiration, Rafael is the angel of healing.

Today we are at a complete turning point as never been before: spiritually and physically: the tectonic plates are moving, the North pole is moving towards the South pole. At the same time the world’s financial system is on the verge of collapse, and journalists expose more things than ever before. These changes cause tension and fear in many people.  External things are being shaken. That’s why we need to become stable internally. At the end of her speech Dr. Fuchs stated that she is convinced that the Unification movement will survive because she has experienced loving communities here.

The next speaker was Mrs. Christine Szendi. She is a spiritual healer and the founder of the “Soulmed Institute”. Her topic was “Responsibility and Healing”

“I have to take responsibility for my own healing. As the world’s people we are collectively at a point where we have to change. We can only save the world if we can save ourselves. Healing starts with myself. Healing my spirit also leads to healing the body.”

Mrs. Szendi started her work as a spiritual healer in 2003, when she had experiences with angels. Since then she is working with the support of angels. She has been spiritually sensitive since early childhood. Still she studied physics and natural science and later worked in advertising. She realized that through advertising a whole world of illusion is being created from literally nothing and people are manipulated. At the economic peak of her career she experienced that angels were communicating with her.

Finally she quit her job and started working as an alternative healer.

She considers healing with spiritual energy as a catalyst between medicine, psychology and religion.

“It is our responsibility to listen to our internal voice and follow its direction. This voice is like an internal navigation system which helps me to select (filter) the influences which I am exposed to. We should not be driven only by our intellect, nor by our emotions, bur rather by this internal voice which comes from our heart. There is a destiny for everybody, which we have to recognize. Sicknesses are not included in our destiny, unless we carry them over from our ancestors. Sickness always means that I am not in accord with my mind/soul.”

“I have healed many of my sicknesses myself”, Mrs. Szendi stated. “Except my eyes, which were really bad. I had 7 dioptries on each eye and thought there was nothing to do about it. One day I decided to take responsibility for my eyes as well, and the healing process started. Today I don’t need to wear glasses anymore. There is no incurable sickness. Also cancer can be cured. How? I have to find out what may have caused it, what the body wants to tell me through the disease. What we need most for the healing process is trust, love and acceptance of ourselves and patience. Most people fail because of lack of patience.”

In conclusion Mrs. Szendi stated that she wishes for all of us that we could be able to see our potential, our abilities, that we could see ourselves as “great as we are”. Each of us has a great, shining soul/spirit!”

The last speaker was Mr. Heinz Krcek, a theologian and Unificationist. He spoke about “Healing – becoming whole and holy”

“Becoming whole” means to feel well physically and mentally, but also to have good fortune, success, salvation. But when can we say that humans are happy? If the desire of the heart is fulfilled in a way that it matches the original expectations. Then what is the measure of my expectations? I must find my place in the Universe. I can find it if I listen to my inner voice. We have to practice it, because if we ignore our inner voice permanently, it can’t be heard in the end. On the contrary, if we cultivate our ability to listen to the voice of our conscience, it can guide us throughout our lives.

Mr. Krcek then told a story about an officer in the 2nd WW, who heard a voice in the night before he was going to lead his troops into battle. The voice said: “Your time as a soldier is over, you don’t need to follow this order.”

He listened to this inner voice and quit the army.

How do we attain happiness? The purpose of our lives has not been determined by us, but by our creator. We are in His image, that’s why we also have creativity, which makes us strive for order, principles, laws, but also for beauty and love. Just as God is a unique creator, we can be unique creators as well.

In our lifetime we should multiply God’s Blessings. Blessing brings wholeness, mentally and physically. It brings healing. But we have to contribute for the Blessing to unfold. Healing has become necessary after the Fall of man. The purpose of creation: “To live for others” turned into: “I for myself”. Today freedom is often misunderstood as looseness. The opposite is liability. If there are no borders, love has no place to flow, and it is spilled all over, like water without a river-bed. It floods the land and destroys everything. God’s love is the only force that can bring about unity. What we need most are not lectures, but living examples of love and care, above all in our families.”

After Mr. Krcek’s speech the guests asked questions. Although it was already late, many of the guests stayed until late in the evening, enjoying the beautiful ambiente of the workshop place in nature.

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