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Excursion to European Middle School to learn about “Schoolsubject HAPPINESS”

Tuesday, June 5th

a delegation of  7 persons visited the European Middle School Anton Sattler Gasse in Vienna.

This has been following the invitation of Ms. Zita Kiedler at the CCPCJ –Side event three weeks ago. (Ms. K. had given a presentation about the school and her experience

teaching the “Subject Happiness”).

At EMS more than 46 language are spoken and the children come from as many nations.

About 85 % of children have a Migration background; more than half of them are borne already in Austria.

We were able to attend one of the lessons “School subject Happiness:”

The children undertook interactive games that made them work together, cooperate, be sensitive towards each other and even to slip into each other´s shoes for a little while.

The children were a little lively as they just had all passed the last test for this year as the teacher told us later,  but still very cooperative! 

After the lesson “Happiness” finished we were offered a tour through the school building. We could see colourful classrooms; a beautiful library, PC rooms and many nice arts craft decorations along the corridors, often expressing the multi culturalism of the school.  Also the very big school Garden and sports hall was shown to us.

Sitting together for coffee and cake more questions could be answered.

Each student receives a booklet on their first day at this school, that includes the “Rules of the house”, but also ethical standards of communication, respect, fulfilling ones duties, etc. that need to be agreed on by the student, the parents and the teacher through signature.

Everyone complemented on the great effort of Director Ms. Reinl to create a very open-minded and  open hearted atmosphere at that school!

More information on “School Subject Happiness”:

Global civic Education is not only the best crime prevention but a most important pillar for a functioning society.

How a child grows up and has a chance to develop his/her character and potentials is deciding about how much this person will be able to contribute to society in a meaningful and constructive way in the future.

“It is high time to think about “Education“

in new ways.

To create the space for development of the personality of the child/ young person, looking at the resources the person has, rather than the week points, developing the ability to work in a team, etc.

This brings less stress and more joy to teachers, pupils and parents!

The “School Subject Happiness” supports young people to develop sense of responsibility, becoming the “Leaders” in their own life.

The young people are encouraged to become Persons with resilience, self-confidence, creativity and a high sense of responsibility.

Initiative: School subject Happiness Austria


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